Indian Wedding Dresses

The wedding functions of India are elaborate affairs of great pomp and gaiety coupled with customs, traditions, festivities and extravagant celebrations. The Indian Wedding is true representation of the unique Indian culture, traditions, customs and celebrations. The Indian Wedding is a special event and the occasion calls for extra special clothing and dressing. The Indian Wedding Dresses are designed and chosen accordingly, as the couple is expected to dazzle and shine for this event. The Indian Wedding Dresses are chosen meticulously with special care and stitched and finished by experts.

The Indian Wedding Dresses may differ as per the region and religion, but one common thread runs among all the Indian bridal wear and it is that all of them are very colourful and showy. The traditional Indian wedding dress for an Indian bride is the elegant and graceful Sari, and in some parts, the brides may wear Ghagra Choli or Salwar Kameez or the traditional marriage costume. The Indian Wedding Dresses are exquisitely crafted with intricate and colourful embroidery and designs. Traditionally, the Indian brides wear red colored Indian Wedding Dresses. The materials used for Indian Wedding Dresses include silk, satin, cotton, organza, tussar and chiffon. Some saris like Bandhani, Baluchari, Konrad and Kanjeevaram are worn specifically for religious purpose.

The Indian bridegroom wears Sherwani, Chudidar along with turban or Kurta and Dhoti or a Jhabba and Pyjama. A marching shawl is worn across the shoulder. Some Indian grooms may choose to wear ethnic Jodhpuri or formal western suits. The Indian Wedding Dresses are accompanied by many accessories like necklaces, bangles, anklets, earrings, finger rings and hair decoration for the Indian bride. India Wedding Planner helps in planning an Indian wedding and offers all assistance for planning and preparing the best Indian Wedding Dresses.

The Indian Wedding Decorations from an important part of the Indian Wedding and these are done as per the choice of a theme or as per the traditional style. The traditional Indian Wedding Decoration includes banana plants, flowers, rangoli, diyas etc. Nowadays, the Indian Wedding Decorations have become an extravagant affair with lavish designs of electronic lighting, exotic flower decorations, crystal decorations, and a mix and match of different materials like fabrics, artificial plants and so on.

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Indian Wedding is an exotic occasion of memorable moments. It is a completely traditional event with all the Indian customs and rites, a gathering of family and friends, fun, excitement and enjoyment. As the Indian Wedding is once in a lifetime event, it is celebrated with great gusto and fervor. It is a colourful occasion with elaborate decorations, music, dance, exquisite dresses and a solemn ceremony. The Indian Wedding Invitations are designed to suit this super event and they are available in a variety of traditional and modern designs, styles, colors and materials.