Beach Wedding Dresses – 3 Perfect Choices

Maybe you would rather wear flip flops or even be barefoot instead of spending perfect wedding day in a formal gown and some uncomfortable heels. Maybe the thought of fighting your way into that pair of pantyhose along with your long train ornate ball gown doesn\’t sound like your perfect day. Maybe you would rather be on the beach… wearing one of the most beautiful beach wedding dresses ever.rnrnFor one reason or another, you chose to have your wedding on a beach. The sand in your feet, the sun sitting over the horizon of the ocean, the waves coming in at your back. As amazing as a beach wedding sounds, the decisions can still be as overwhelming as a traditional wedding… especially as you are looking at all of the beach wedding dresses to choose from.rnrnThere are three different designs you can choose when finding beach wedding dresses. Those are Casual, Traditional and Unconventional.

rnrnLet\’s start with the Casual design. These beach wedding dresses can be designed simply but still be very elegant. This is the most popular and comfortable type of dress and is most likely the one you picture waving in the wind in your head. With a Casual dress you can wear choose the lightweight fabrics that will help you combat the heat and humidity depending on which beach you are going to be on. Choosing a fabric such as silk, linen, or cotton work great because of their ability to breathe with the air, but they are very fluid and look beautiful waving in the wind. The Casual dress can come in a wide variety of different styles and shapes that will work well with any body style and shape.rnrnTypically speaking, when referring to beach wedding dresses, they are shorter in length and hardly ever include a train. If you have a train, the salt and sand will be extremely hard on the dress… you will be stressed out and worried about destroying your dress as you fight the elements instead of enjoy them. Usually a knee length gown and no veil is the best choice for a beach wedding…

especially if you are very close the shoreline.rnrnNow, we will move onto the Traditional style of beach wedding dresses. With everything said above, you can still choose to go with a formal gown on the beach, if you would like. Traditional gowns are still very elegant and beautiful and look good in the beach setting.rnrnI still recommend that you avoid the heavily beaded gowns made from satin for the main reason of them looking out of place in a beach setting. There are several formal designs that with a bit of alteration can become much more functional while still capturing the perfect feel of the beach wedding you see in your head.

An example would be that you can still choose one of the traditional beach wedding dresses but instead of covering it with heavy beading, you could choose a more bold embroidery. Discussing your plans and ideas with a designer or employee at the dress shop will most likely turn out many great options for you.rnrnNow we get to the Unconventional form of beach wedding dresses. These can be the most fun and are usually the most affordable option for you. They can range from Hawaiian prints, all the way to swimsuits. The sky is the limit with this form and you can just let your imagination run wild with it.