The Top Three Beach Wedding Dress Choices

Perhaps you prefer flip flops or going barefoot rather than spending your special day attired in a formal gown and heeled shoes. Maybe the thought of struggling into a pair of pantyhose partnered with other trappings like a long train and an ornate fairy tale ball gown makes you cringe. Better still, you planned to have your wedding ceremony on the beach with the stunning seascape as your back drop.
Whatever the reason, you have decided on a beach wedding dress for your special day and the decision making process can be just as overwhelming as selecting a formal wedding gown. There is a wide array of bridal gown options however; they can be narrowed down to the following three designs: casual, traditional and unconventional.
Don’t be fooled by the word ‘casual’. These wedding dresses may be simple in design but very elegant in form. Furthermore this design is notably the most comfortable and popular choice. Since sun exposure and humidity are likely to play a significant part in your wedding setting, you are afforded the opportunity to select fabrics that are lightweight and breathe. Fabrics like silk, linen, cotton chiffon or organza are not only suitable for their unique ability to let air pass through but they are generally very fluid and flattering in form. There are a variety of uncomplicated styles (i.e. strapless, spaghetti straps, sleeveless, off the shoulder, etc) that will flatter every body shape.
Ideally, this casual gown is shorter in length and rarely includes a train. Salt and sand can wreak havoc on a bridal gown. You will spend the bulk of your time holding up your dress or fighting with it in the breezy ocean air. A knee or tea length gown with a short veil (or no veil at all) is your best choice. Especially if your ceremony and reception takes place along the shoreline.
Our next choice is the traditional wedding gown. Contrary to popular belief, you can still choose to go with a more formal gown in a beach setting. A traditional gown is especially suitable if the ocean scenery serves as a backdrop (i.e. your ceremony and reception takes place on a cliff overlooking the ocean) or your wedding planner has arranged to offer you the red carpet treatment in a well appointed event tent on the beach. Both you and your guests can get away with being traditionally attired in this setting.
It is still recommended that you avoid the ornate, heavily beaded gown made of satin or taffeta mainly because such a design will look out of place in this particular setting. However, there are many formal designs that oftentimes can be altered to make them more functional yet still enchanting for a beach setting. For example, you could still choose the traditional gown but rather than have the bodice adorned with heavy beading you might consider a more bold and ornate embroidery. Ask the designer or dress shop clerk for ways that you could alter the classic fairy tale gown so that it is still beautiful yet ideal for a ceremony with an ocean backdrop.
Finally, the unconventional choice is certainly the most fun and usually the most affordable. However, if not pulled off right, it could raise a few eyebrows or earn you a disapproving look from the in-laws. Deciding to go the unconventional route means you can get away with Hawaiian prints, swimsuits and sarongs.
There is a wide array of floral designs (you are not limited to just tropical designs) to choose from now that beach weddings have become more popular. Furthermore, the groom is usually pleased to learn he can wear a comfortable Hawaiian shirt that coordinates well with your gown. You will have a variety of colors and print sizes to choose from. Just make sure they are colors that flatter your complexion and the size of the print flatters your body type.
If you prefer an exceptionally unconventional experience then wearing a bikini or swimsuit that is accessorized by a sarong has become a popular trend. You will be amazed at the number of styles and designs you can choose from and they can be easily found at most department stores depending on the time of year you start shopping for your beach wedding dress.
So there you have it. The top three choices in selecting a beach wedding dress. You are certainly not limited to these three design choices but it helps tremendously in narrowing it down so that you are not overwhelmed when you begin the actual process of trying on countless styles.